What requirements must be met for your prenuptial agreement to be valid in South Carolina?

No one wants to have to find out whether their prenuptial agreement will hold up in court. However, if you have had the foresight to enter into a prenuptial agreement with a future spouse, or are currently considering one, it’s best to know how to approach it in a way that would ensure its enforceability should you find yourself in family court litigation down the road. Below we’ve outlined some of the red flags in Read More

Family Court Awards Permanent Alimony to Husband where Misconduct and Lower Standard of Living after Separation were Present

Did you know alimony wasn’t exclusive to wives? How about that marital fault and length of marriage are factors a court considers in determining alimony awards? Although not the first time, a recent South Carolina Court of Appeal decision recently utilized the above and found that a husband was entitled to permanent, not rehabilitative, alimony, reversing a family court decision to the contrary. In Ricigliano v. Read More