My Spouse Got a Raise at Work: Can I Get Child Support and Alimony Modified?

If you have a court order that provides for either child support or alimony payments in South Carolina, this is considered the final decision by the judge that cannot be changed without an appeal. However, child support and most alimony awards are modifiable if circumstances substantially change. For example, if an ex-spouse earns more money than they were making at the time of the original award, it may be possible Read More

How Is Child Support Calculated in South Carolina?

Making sure that all children are provided for is one of the primary goals of the family courts throughout South Carolina. That means that when parents divorce, child support is almost always part of the divorce settlement; both parents have a legal obligation to provide for their child financially. If you are not the parent who is awarded sole or primary custody of your child, you will likely be ordered to pay Read More