Thinking of Divorce? Start Doing These 3 Things Now

Marriage isn’t always easy, and the average couple in a marriage will experience many highs and lows over their years together, with some of the lows being so low that the intervention of marriage counselor or other professional is a necessity. Indeed, some couples may even spend time apart at some point over the course of their marriage, or even think seriously about parting ways indefinitely.

When divorce is on the table, it is very important that you understand exactly what divorce will mean for you and your family before moving forward with it; permanent separation is a huge decision. At Cate & Brough Law Firm, P.A., we know that there are a lot of things to think about before divorce, but if divorce is on the mind, we encourage you to start doing these three things now.

  1. Get Familiar With Your Finances
    If you get a divorce, you’ll need to have a solid understanding of your finances and the finances of your spouse, and how both will be affected both during and after the divorce. Remember that the court will require you to file a financial declaration before a settlement in the divorce can be issued, which means that starting to collect tax and income information now is a smart idea.
    In addition to all the documents, think about what a divorce settlement and the aftermath of a divorce may look like based on your finances. Will you be able to support yourself? Is it likely you’ll be asked to pay alimony? Will you be able to keep the house?
  2. Determine the Potential Effects of Divorce and How to Mitigate the Worst of Them
    Putting finances aside for a minute, you should also take time to determine the potential negative effects of divorce on you and your family,and how those effects can be mitigated. This is especially pressing if you have children, but even if you don’t have children, divorce can be emotional and take a psychological toll on a person.
    Divorce has very different effects on different families, and grief and anger may be emotions that you have to deal with together. You personally may also experience feelings of loneliness or isolation. Before you move forward with your divorce, recognize that these are possibilities, and explore what resources are available to help, from support groups to your church to a family counselor and more.
  3. Work with an Experienced Divorce and Family Law Attorney
    It is never too early to sit down with a South Carolina divorce and family law attorney to discuss the possibility of divorce. Your attorney can provide you more insight on the two issues above–your finances and divorce and the potential repercussions of divorce–as well as laws regarding property and asset division, child custody and support, and spousal maintenance payments.

An attorney can also help you to understand the divorce process, grounds for divorce in South Carolina, how to file for divorce and residency requirements, what to do when a divorce is contested, mediation and other dispute resolution techniques, and what happens when a divorce case goes to court.

An attorney’s job is not to decide for you about whether a divorce is right for you, but rather to help you understand all of your options and to represent you if you decide to proceed with your divorce.

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Divorce is difficult, and if you’re thinking about filing for divorce, having a legal professional on your side to support you can be a comfort and an asset. At Cate & Brough Law Firm, P.A., our compassionate lawyers know how delicate these matters are, and promise to handle your case with the level of care and respect it deserves. To schedule a confidential consultation with our law firm, please call us at 864-585-4226, send us a message, or drop by our Spartanburg office today.

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