Avoid These Behaviors that Make Divorce More Expensive

Depending upon how it’s handled, divorce can be emotionally exhausting and expensive.  Even couples who manage to separate on relatively good terms will necessarily learn about the high costs associated with divorce, from the basic cost of filing for divorce to the expense of maintaining a new household separate from your spouse. While some expense is inevitable, there are certain ways that parties to a divorce can drive up costs unnecessarily, gaining little in the process.  By avoiding the traps below, you’ll save yourself unnecessary stress and cost.

Failing to settle as many disputes as possible in advance

While you may have trouble getting along with your soon-to-be-ex spouse, going before a judge without any agreement on a division of property, finances, or custody-sharing arrangement whatsoever could set you up for a very long, expensive fight.  Do your best to work out basic financial matters, custody-sharing arrangements, and property division in advance of going to a temporary hearing or trial.  You can even have these discussions with your spouse after you’ve made the decision to separate but before either of you file an action or hire an attorney.  If that’s not possible, though, you can rely on your attorney to facilitate these types of discussions before you’ve incurred the costs of filing and preparing for a contested temporary motion.   Keep in mind that until the divorce is final, the money you force your spouse to spend on a legal battle is money you’re also costing yourself. 

Turning to the judge to resolve disputes unnecessarily

Each time you seek a court order on a different issue, you’re potentially costing yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars in court costs and fees.  It may seem as though your spouse won’t listen to anyone but the judge, but try to reach agreements and obtain compliance with existing orders before going to court, and make sure the issue cannot be resolved any other way before doing so.

Trying to extend the divorce process in an effort to reunite with your spouse

It seems counterintuitive, but many unwilling parties to a divorce try to draw out the divorce process in an effort to put off making the divorce final, holding out hope for a reconciliation. If your spouse has gone to the lengths of filing for divorce, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to win him/her back by making that divorce even more drawn out and difficult for him/her, and you will only be delaying the inevitable in doing so.

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