An Overview Of A Private Family Law Court Case: Part I

The unease and anxiety that come with a lack of familiarity and understanding of the legal process often amplifies many experiences during a family law case. It's common for individuals to work through legal terminology, paperwork, and procedures with little to no prior experience. This unfamiliarity breeds apprehension as people naturally fear what they don’t know, and, indeed, the stakes in family law—involving our Read More

Standing Beside the Wrongly Convicted in South Carolina

The legal system isn’t immune from missteps, which can lead to innocent individuals facing the possibility of a wrongful conviction. Such moments challenge our faith in the judiciary and question the tenets of justice and fairness. However, with its intricate legal provisions and a passionate community of advocates, South Carolina has proven that it is committed to righting wrongs. This applies to post-conviction Read More

Domestic Violence Allegations: The Role of Witness Testimony and Defense Strategies

Domestic violence is a grievous crime that has profound consequences for both victims and people who are (falsely) accused of it. It’s important to discuss and highlight some of the nuances of domestic violence cases, particularly in the context of witness testimonies and prospective defense strategies. The attorneys at Cate & Brough understand the intricate dynamics of such issues and the importance of a Read More

Putting You At Ease Regarding Child Custody

When parents face the prospect of a divorce, two of their biggest concerns are tied to either custody of their child or the future of their finances. In this post, we are going to address the former. To give you some peace of mind, we want you to be aware that the child custody laws in South Carolina are designed to protect the best interests of the children involved in the divorce.  The “Best Interests of Read More

Stacking The Deck In Your Personal Injury Case

Regarding personal injury cases, documentation is critical in terms of the outcome of the claim. Because of our significant experience with these cases, we have firsthand experience with people's challenges after sustaining an injury. Although we will always be committed to delivering the best representation, some elements require the victim’s participation. After an injury, securing a settlement relies on you Read More

What You Do In The Interim Matters

After you have been charged with a crime, it may take 12-18 months before you go to trial. Although we will go over the process from your arrest to sentencing, understand that there is a significant amount of time between those two points. What you do in the interim matters. Your actions can have a direct impact on the outcome of your case. After hearing that, you should feel empowered. Why? Because we want to give Read More

How to Prepare For An Upcoming Divorce

Understandably, divorce is immensely stressful. One of the most significant contributing factors is the uncertainty surrounding it. Most people have a considerable amount of questions about how their assets will get distributed, what their financial future may look like, and other situationally-dependent concerns. Many of them get asked during the initial consultation, which is justifiable. Your family law attorney Read More

Every Fifteen Minutes

Forbes estimated that there is one fatal car crash every fifteen minutes in the United States—and there are over five million non-fatal accidents annually. Many people talk about how common car accidents are, but they dismiss them just as quickly because they assume it’s something that won’t happen to them. We aren’t trying to frighten you because our focus here is helping you be prepared if you are involved in Read More

Getting Behind On Child Support

Hands of mother and child. Holding hands. Shallow depth of field. We are addressing this issue to reinforce how important it is to resolve it proactively. By waiting to contact a family law attorney, you are likely making the situation worse. As soon as you realize you cannot afford your child support payments, you need to take action (and we will explain what you can do in a moment). We understand that many Read More

Social Media’s Presence In Your Divorce Case

When you have complex emotions, it is normal to want to express or talk through them. Social media is a platform and a microphone that allows you to reach a large audience quickly. By reading the title, you most likely thought that you were aware that you shouldn’t say dismissive things on social media or make accusations. However, there are significantly more considerations to be mindful of.    What You Should Know Read More