How to Prepare For An Upcoming Divorce

Understandably, divorce is immensely stressful. One of the most significant contributing factors is the uncertainty surrounding it. Most people have a considerable amount of questions about how their assets will get distributed, what their financial future may look like, and other situationally-dependent concerns. Many of them get asked during the initial consultation, which is justifiable. Your family law attorney Read More

Every Fifteen Minutes

Forbes estimated that there is one fatal car crash every fifteen minutes in the United States—and there are over five million non-fatal accidents annually. Many people talk about how common car accidents are, but they dismiss them just as quickly because they assume it’s something that won’t happen to them. We aren’t trying to frighten you because our focus here is helping you be prepared if you are involved in Read More

Getting Behind On Child Support

Hands of mother and child. Holding hands. Shallow depth of field. We are addressing this issue to reinforce how important it is to resolve it proactively. By waiting to contact a family law attorney, you are likely making the situation worse. As soon as you realize you cannot afford your child support payments, you need to take action (and we will explain what you can do in a moment). We understand that many Read More

Social Media’s Presence In Your Divorce Case

When you have complex emotions, it is normal to want to express or talk through them. Social media is a platform and a microphone that allows you to reach a large audience quickly. By reading the title, you most likely thought that you were aware that you shouldn’t say dismissive things on social media or make accusations. However, there are significantly more considerations to be mindful of.    What You Should Know Read More

The Importance Of Acting Quickly After An Accident Involving A Truck

There is a stark difference between an accident involving a motor vehicle and a commercial truck. The fact that most of these trucks weigh five tons unloaded is only one of the reasons why they are unique. Getting into a collision with a vehicle of that size can be catastrophic. Additionally, several other variables get pulled in a personal case based on an accident you got into with a truck.  To understand how they Read More

Never Overlook The Importance Of A Financial Declaration

One of the reasons we wanted to discuss this topic is to give you peace of mind. When some people go through the divorce process, they bring up concerns that their spouse may not be completely honest regarding the extent of their assets. In other words, their spouse will take deliberate steps to avoid splitting certain things. Before we continue, we want you to understand that the court takes financial declarations Read More

Breaking Down MMI

MMI is an abbreviation for maximum medical improvement.  Workers who reach MMI have reached the point where further medical treatment will not improve their injury. MMI applies to anyone who has been injured at work and is receiving workers’ compensation benefits. If you are injured at work, your employer pays your medical bills (through their insurance) and gives you two-thirds of your average wage while you Read More

Prescription Medication & DUIs

Per South Carolina’s Code of Laws, “It is unlawful for a person to drive a motor vehicle…under the influence of any other drug or a combination of other drugs or substances which cause impairment.” This is in addition to consuming alcohol to the extent that it impairs your faculties and hinders your ability to operate a motor vehicle.  That said, you need to understand that you can be charged with a DUI if you are Read More

Obtaining A Post-Judgement Modification For Alimony

Before we outline how you can modify your alimony payments, it is essential to note that South Carolina has several different types of alimony. For example, periodic alimony gets paid at regular intervals (e.g., one each month). It terminates when the other spouse remarries, cohabitates with a new partner for an extended period, or dies. Lump-sum alimony is paid at once or over regular intervals over a relatively Read More

Post-Judgment Modifications: Custody & Child Support

During your divorce, you and your spouse had to arrive at terms regarding the custody of your children. However, the amount you paid or received in child support is more an objective calculation. The court looks at your gross income and considers your potential for earning money if you are unemployed or underemployed (i.e., making less than you should). The following are examples of income that are Read More