Common Mistakes Spouses Make During Their Divorce

Right now, things are tough. You thought you would spend the rest of your life with your spouse when you walked down the aisle, and now you’re getting a divorce. Your kids are having a hard time processing what’s happening and feel like their whole world is crashing down around them. Everyone is emotionally fragile right now and not acting like their normal selves in these unusual circumstances.

Divorce can be very difficult for spouses who are going through it and for everyone else involved. You both may not be as stable as usual and you could start to make mistakes. These mistakes could end up being costly and do a lot of damage in the long run.

It is always best to take steps ahead of time to avoid major mistakes altogether. By learning about the mistakes that divorcing spouses make and hiring an experienced divorce lawyer to help, you can have a much smoother divorce and do what’s best for you and your family.

Here are some of the most common mistakes spouses make in a divorce that you should avoid:

Lying About Finances

In a divorce, you need to disclose your financial records so that assets can be divided up according to state law. In South Carolina, the court will do an equitable division of assets if the spouses fail to come to an agreement on their own.

Sometimes, a spouse will lie about their finances and attempt to hide money from the other so that it can’t be touched. If it’s discovered that a spouse is lying about their financial situation, it could cause serious trouble for them when dividing the assets. Courts look at these actions very unfavorably, which could mean negative rulings regarding what assets you will get.

Make sure you always tell the truth about how much you have in the bank and what other assets you have. The court will attempt to be as fair as possible in dividing assets, and if you have an experienced family law attorney advocating on your behalf, you have no reason to worry.

Getting Angry and Vengeful

It’s understandable that emotions run high in a divorce. But that doesn’t give one spouse the right to take out revenge on the other. A common mistake is being so angry that you don’t want to go to mediation or attempt to work out issues. This could drag out a divorce for several months or even years and end up costing a lot of money, time and energy.

It’s always best to try to put emotions aside and be as composed as possible when meeting with your spouse, their representation and the judge in your case. You will resolve your divorce much more smoothly this way.

Getting Your Children Involved

Spouses who are angry at one another might talk about it openly in front of their kids or try to get their kids to turn against one parent. This can be extremely damaging to children and make things that much harder in a time when they’re already vulnerable.

It’s a good idea to keep comments about your spouse to yourself or talk to a trusted friend or a therapist about it. No matter how upset you get, don’t drag your children into your disputes.

Fighting Over Things That Don’t Matter

Fighting for your right to your shared home or assets in your joint bank account is understandable. However, spending money on legal fees to fight over who gets the big-screen TV or the Sleep Number bed is not. People getting a divorce sometimes invest far too much energy fighting over things that are not all that important in the long run.

When you are going through a divorce, it is best to focus on the issues that really matter. For example, if you were a homemaker for years and now you need to go back to school for training, you might not have the money to buy another home. Attempting to secure your shared home could be a good idea, as long as you can afford the mortgage and the upkeep. 

Not Hiring a Lawyer

Sometimes, people might not hire a lawyer because they want to represent themselves. They think the process will be easy and fast. However, this could be a big mistake.

It’s critical to hire a lawyer when you’re getting a divorce, especially if there are any complicated and/or contested issues. Otherwise, you may not be able to get what you deserve out of your divorce. A lawyer can help you get through the divorce process more smoothly, and they will fight for you inside and outside of the courtroom.

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