Divorce in the New Year

The start of a new year is a time when many of us take the opportunity to reevaluate our lives and see if we’re living in the healthiest and most fulfilling way we can. When the holiday season is full of fighting, rather than feelings of togetherness, we find that many people decide the new year might be the right time to consider a divorce.  If you find yourself in that boat, a knowledgeable South Carolina family law attorney can consult with you about this process.

Statistically, January is one of the most popular times to file for divorce. Experts speculate there are several reasons why January is such a common month to file for divorce:

  • Money: For some, January is a good time to file for divorce because of money. Some spouses will wait to receive a year-end bonus from work in order to afford the cost of moving to a new apartment or paying an attorney’s retainer. Since the holidays can involve a greater number of expenses than normal, money may be too tight at the end of the year to afford divorce.
  • Putting on a pleasant face for children and family members: Some couples already know they want to divorce before the holidays begin, but they stay together for the sake of the children. Additionally, some couples want to avoid having an uncomfortable conversation with family members they may not see often, or avoid putting a damper on holiday gatherings with news of a split. Keep in mind, though, that many adult children of divorce can remember the painful holiday season that came immediately before their parents filed for divorce, implying that many couples are not concealing their marital discord as well as they think.
  • The holiday season pushes couples over the edge: For others, a miserable holiday season can be the final push toward a split that couples require. Some couples may have thought that the holidays would be a chance to draw closer together after a hard year, only to be disappointed when the magic of the season didn’t work to repair the damage to their relationship.

Whatever the reason, don’t spend another year in a relationship that is making you unhappy and, despite your best efforts, cannot be fixed.  Begin 2017 with a fresh start.

If you’re considering filing for divorce in South Carolina, contact the compassionate, experienced, and dedicated Spartanburg family law attorneys at Cate & Brough Law Firm for a consultation, at 864-585-4226.

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