South Carolinians Pulling Together During the COVID 19 Outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the whole world upside down in just a matter of weeks, and everyone has been impacted by it in some way or another. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have contracted the virus, and millions more have either been laid off from their jobs or started working from home. There are also many who are working on the front lines taking care of the sick and keeping our society functioning.

South Carolina has begun reopening, and hopefully the worst of this is over. This has certainly been a challenging time for our state and country, but it is times like these that bring out the best in all Americans. We have seen that in communities all across South Carolina, and it is gratifying to see how the citizens of this great state have come together to take care of those in need.

Here are some of the ways South Carolinians have been helping each other to get through the COVID-19 pandemic:

Supporting Local Food Shelves

The food shelves have been under great stress since businesses started closing and states began implementing “stay at home” orders. The need to serve those in the community has greatly increased with so many people losing their jobs, and a lot of those who normally volunteer are at greater risk of serious illness from the virus, so they have had to step back and stay home for a while.

Local churches and nonprofits have mobilized and partnered with businesses and individuals to make sure everyone in the community is fed. Those who can afford to are donating resources to the cause, while others who have found themselves with some extra time on their hands have stepped up to volunteer.

Taking Care of our Seniors and Other Vulnerable Citizens

COVID-19 has been particularly hard on the elderly and others in the community who are immune compromised. These folks are understandably apprehensive about leaving their homes to shop for groceries and other essentials. Local organizations like Mobile Meals are delivering meals to seniors and others who are shut in, so they can stay safe at home. In addition, many individuals within these communities are checking up on their elderly neighbors to make sure they have everything they need and go out and shop for them (if necessary). Together, we are seeing to it that the most vulnerable in our communities are protected.

Helping Domestic Abuse Victims

One of the tragic unintended consequences of the COVID-19 shutdown is the spike in domestic violence. Domestic abuse cases have risen worldwide as people have been stuck in their homes together for an extended period of time. Individuals in communities across South Carolina have stepped up to donate time or resources to organizations like Safe Harbor and Safe Homes that are on the front lines helping domestic abuse victims.

Supporting our Frontline Workers

While many businesses have closed or scaled back and many workers have begun telecommuting, there are numerous essential businesses that remain open with frontline workers who must interact with others each day. Examples include hospital staff, grocery store workers, and truck drivers who transport our essential goods. There has been a great outpouring of support for essential workers from others in the community. Some individuals are having food delivered to them during their shifts, others are sewing masks to donate to them so they can do their jobs more safely. Sometimes, just a “thank you” for their service is a major encouragement to those who are working hard to keep us safe.

Supporting Local Businesses

As we’ve touched on earlier, a lot of local businesses are struggling because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Those hardest hit are businesses where large groups tend to gather, such as restaurants, coffee shops, bars, retail stores, and other establishments. Local consumers recognize that this is a tough time for these businesses, and they are doing everything they can to support them. This may mean patronizing those that remain open (safely and with proper precautions) or buying gift cards from those that are closed that can be used later on.  Many of these establishments are offering delivery or curb side service, so you don’t have to risk your health or safety to still offer support.

We are Here for You

The coronavirus outbreak has taken the country and the world by storm, but as Americans have always done, we have risen to the occasion and looked out for each other during this difficult time. We will pull through this, and we will all come out stronger on the other side for having experienced it.

At the Cate Law Firm, we want you to know that we are here for you if you need our help. We are taking all the precautions and following all of the recommended guidelines, but our office remains open and ready to serve you either remotely or in person – whatever you are more comfortable with.

To speak with a member of our legal team, call our office today at (864) 585-4226 or send us a message through our online contact form.

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