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At Cate & Brough, nothing makes us happier than successfully resolving our client’s family legal issues. Below you’ll find some testimonials from our clients. Contact Cate & Brough today if you would like to get started on your own journey!

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From the initial consultation through the final divorce proceedings, I received excellent service from Rachel and her colleagues. She is both knowledgeable and compassionate, enabling me to feel very comfortable from day one about how she would handle my case. Rachel answered all of my questions and was always patient when I had reservations. She was also quick to respond to any form of communication and worked closely in advising me on the best possible settlement options. I am grateful to have had such support and outstanding advice during this difficult time.


I was very impressed overall by the way Rachel handled my entire divorce proceedings. She was both professional, compassionate and very understanding of my situation and my needs. Excellent…would recommend her any day. Thank you Rachel, Kathy and Sandy.


I hired Mrs. Brough after a long and tedious journey through the family court system. My ex-wife hired a congressman to represent her in the divorce and it seemed as though every lawyer I came in contact with was defeated before we even started work. That is until I came in contact with Mrs. Brough. Mrs. Brough represented me in a contempt case against my ex-wife. She instructed me on what data to gather and did an excellent job of creating a document for the judge to follow that facilitated being able to quickly locate reference material. Mrs. Brough was thorough in developing the case – ensuring witnesses could be available, etc. From a cost standpoint, you get what you pay for – meaning her fees/the firm’s fees are high. But, with hindsight, I can say that having a better lawyer can potentially help avoid losing more money in the long run… I wish I had known about Mrs. Brough when I initially started my divorce proceedings. I might not have had such an unfair result in prior proceedings.


High Praises to an Admirable, Honest, and Knowledgeable Attorney. This is my second occasion choosing Rachel and her competent team to represent my interests in the difficult yet delicate family situation of ensuring the safety and custody of my two young grandchildren. The stakes are high when you advocate for the rights of the voiceless, but leaving the hard work to these professionals has proven to be worth the cost and time invested. While there were extreme levels of emotions during this process, Rachel’s calm demeanor, as well as her unyielding knowledge of family law, kept me grounded in faith for a favorable outcome. She was well-prepared, responsive and available for all concerns. She effectively represented my interests and those of my grandchildren, and I respect her not only in her profession as a lawyer but also as a confident, compassionate woman and mother; she balances the heavy side of the law with the warmness of being human. I remain forever grateful to Rachel and her dynamic team. In closing, I would like to say Rachel has my full recommendation as a skilled lawyer for the successful resolution she secured for my family.


Ruth, Rachel and the fine folks at Ruth’s firm are just too good for words. Ruth has a very subtle approach. They just focus on results. They tell you what your case looks like, what you have going for and against you. Our case took 4 years to settle. All the while, Ruth looked out for us every step of the way. In the end, not only did she get us a Win in every sense of the word, she did the impossible. We were the ones wanting to push the case to trial b/c ‘we knew we’d win’. It would have cost us a small fortune to prove we were right. Instead, we listened to the trained experienced professionals who got us all we wanted and more. She worked magic like she always does. Thank You Ruth, Rachel and everyone else. We’ll never forget what you’ve done for us and neither will our daughter.


Ruth and Rachel represented me for my divorce. I was so distraught and very afraid of my future as I did not have a full-time job due to the fact that I stayed home mostly with my child. Due to the circumstances of my particular case, I was awarded alimony along with my child support. She assured me from the beginning that I would be just fine. She emailed me back with any questions I had very promptly! She truly cared and worked extra hard on my case as did the paralegals and all the staff. I highly recommend Ruth Cate Law Firm!!!!


Thank you Ruth and Julie for sticking with me and going to battle for me! I’ve already highly recommended Ruth and Julie to many friends. I consider Julie a very good friend who encouraged me and knew I could make it through a difficult time in my life.


Ruth has always put my mind at ease with going thru issues with my case. They know what they are doing and will do the best for you. Thank you, ladies!!


Cate & Brough Law Firm was highly recommended to me by friends and professionals. By choosing Ruth Cate and her legal team I knew from the first meeting that I had chosen who I fondly refer to as my power team! Everyone working on my behalf. I made my decision, Ruth made our plan, we agreed, and followed through. My case was handled to my utmost satisfaction. I am grateful for Ruth’s expertise and abilities as a highly regarded attorney. Thank you, Ruth! Thank you, Noel and everyone in The Cate Firm office.


Ruth is the best, she’s awesome. Plain and simple. We had a problem, asked around and every lawyer told us to go to Ruth. And they were right. She’s fair, honest to a fault, extremely competent and knows family law inside and out. If your family court case matters at all, trust me, go to Ruth.